Antonietta Capecchi

  Antonietta Capecchi was born in England in May 1949. In 1957 her family moved to Lucca, in Tuscany. Here she attended high school and then, in Florence, she gradueted with full marks in 1972.

Attracted by fine arts, she has always practised painting and design and still does.

Her first works often represented human figures, animals and expecially horses, elements that show the importance she has always given to classic art that still can be found in in contemporary painting of ourdays.

The presence of Marini Marini, who has always admired and loved Etruscan art, can easily be found in some of her works.

Marino Marini's canvases, and exactly his compositions of shapes and colours produced in the 60's, have awaked her first interest for abstract art, an interest always deeper that has driven her towards another author of the second half of XX th century, Afro Basaldella.

Here a phrase that gives evdence of Basaldella's love for classic art and that is a precious testimony for us all:

"Forget the full shapes and look at the perfection of the empty ones. Learn to read ancient paintings without caring about the figures and so you will learn how to find the same values in modern paintings".

The research of a new expression and of a work of equilibrium, carried out by colours and unformal shapes, is now the principal aspect of her last abstract works.

As well as exhibitions in Italy, France and U.S.A., she now collaborates with art galleries in several Italian cities. 

Natura Morta  -  Bianco e Nero cm 150x150