Antonietta Capecchi

The Artist was born in England but she lives since 1957 in Lucca where she started her studies that were concluded in Florence.

Always attracted by fine arts, she has always practised design and painting all along her life, also during the years of teaching.

Her first exhibition was in Germany and then others followed in the South of France and in Paris.

Her presence in contemporary art exhibitions turned more and more frequent in years. We find her works in exhibitions at the College of the Atlantic in Bar Harbor in Main (2009). Always in U.S.A.she has collaborated with the "Wingspread" art gallery where she obtained good estimation. In Italy she has exposed her works in Lucca, Pietrasanta, Sermoneta, Anzio and Milan. Now she is member of the cultural association "Arte in Lucca".

After a long period dedicated to the study of human figure, she is now searching new horizons in abstract art.


                                           Possible art of forms and time.

... works that have shapes that seem cut by diamond, with colours that express sky and earth together. The works that Antonietta Capecchi is able to create are a research that seems not to stop. She has in mind travels and wonderings in Italian and European history of art. But once you have met the monumentality of Tuscany, it is impossible to forget it: it remains always in your heart and if you are an artist, it remains in your creations; it is neither possible to deny one's origins: Turner can be found...this presence took time to come out in Capecchi's catalogue but now  is clear in certain shades of blue. Antonietta enters authorative in the sublimity of the English painter with her certain forms, she breaks into the scene and proposes sediments of memory: the granulous texture, you can touch with eyes, is earth! The painting boards are scratched, proved and seem to move: " novello futurismo". The canvas, when used, is worked in the respect of tradition. The use of oil shows skill and ability. Also the formal research is rich of elements and symbols that point out a deep knowledge of history of art from where she begins to explore new horizons of form and content.


                                                                                                                         Giovanna Maria Carli

                                                                                                                          Historian of art and art critic.




We find in Antonietta Capecchi's work a clear expansion of her artistic language that is focused on a research to express her most deep imaginations and so she leaves gradually a formal approach to reality for the authenticity of primative art and expecially for the extraordinary inventiveness of the primative cultures in transforming reality in rich rhythmical creations of great artistic value.

The same rhythmical result and value can be found in works by Antonietta Capecchi who translates the shadows of her own imagination in paintings rich of colours,signs and original textures. Not formal, Antonietta Capecchi becomes more and more spiritual in her work with years as her research remains close to her reality recreated by fantasy and her most deep emotions.


        Annalisa Bocchino

          Historian of art